Overview of Our Therapy and Counselling Services


Psychotherapy and counselling for adults

Whether dealing with work stress, anxiety, depression, break-ups, problems with friends and family or any of the other challenging issues that we face over the course of our lives, support is necessary. Sometimes the support of loved ones is sufficient, other times we need professional help. In order to work together effectively and meet your goals, certain factors need to be attended to in the therapy process. To learn more about this process and how we work with adults in therapy click the button below. 

Therapy and counselling for kids and teens 

Children and teens do not always benefit from therapy in the way that adults do. In order to make sure that kids and teens get the most out of therapy, the work has to be adapted to their appropriate developmental stage. Sometimes this involves bringing in other family members and sometimes it involves using special therapeutic techniques and games. To learn more about therapy for kids and teens click on the button below.

Couples therapy and marriage counselling

If you are reading this section then you know that even the best relationships can be challenging. Whether it is conflict, challenges with sex and intimacy, differing opinions about parenting and finances, or simply misunderstandings rooted in past unresolved experiences, remaining consistently open and connected with your partner can be one of the most difficult things. Often couples do not see the patterns that they get stuck in and fall into blaming themselves or each other. Working with a professional can lead to greater recognition of these patterns and the development of new tools to transform the pain and re-awaken intimacy and connection.  To learn more about couple therapy and marriage counselling click the button below. 

Family therapy and family counselling

Families are like a science experiment where all the parts keep changing and growing. Just when you think you have parenting issues worked out children get older and new challenges emerge that you couldn't have anticipated. Even with adult families, differing individual needs, values, hopes and aspirations can lead to misunderstanding and resentment if not worked through in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Just like couples, families tend to fall into habits of relating to one another that make it difficult to see what the issues are without blame or frustration. This is where the eye of an outsider, a professional in family dynamics, becomes a real asset. To learn more about Family Therapy and Family Counselling please click on the button below.

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