Families are…

… like a complicated science experiment where all the parts keep changing and growing. Just when you think you have parenting issues worked out children get older and new challenges emerge that you couldn't have anticipated.

With any family, differing individual needs, values, hopes and aspirations can lead to misunderstanding and resentment, if not worked through in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

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Our family therapy specialists have graduate degrees and advanced training specifically in the field of family therapy with a track record of success. 

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Tailored to You

Our job is to help you meet your family goals in a safe, warm, and respectful environment. We recognize that every family has struggles and every family has strengths. We will help you draw on your strengths and values to create the kind of meaningful change that you seek.

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As fellow human beings navigating the challenges of life we bring an open-mind, warmth, and a non-judgemental attitude to our work. We are privileged to be in a position to help our clients with their most personal matters, and we don't take this privilege for granted.

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